A few thoughts left behind...

"I attended a two hour session, a few days ago, and loved every minute of it! Since the class, I’ve been utilizing the grounding exercises throughout each day and will continue for the rest of my life. I’ve been dealing with stress much calmer, now, and feel confident in my ability to assess any situation. The class also opened my eyes to abilities I never knew I had. I left the session feeling not only enlightened but, also, empowered. I feel connected to myself now, more than ever, and trust my inner thoughts for guidance. This class was life changing and I’m so ready for more. Next session--reiki!" ~Taina J., New York, USA



"Just got a tarot reading from FateTelling and damn! It all felt so right on, like things I already knew but still needed to hear, reminders whispered from my own soul through her words. I was so comfortable and could feel her compassion, kindness and caring for me right through the phone lines. I highly recommend checking out her web site and taking advantage of her intuition and skill!" ~Robyn F., Hawaii, USA



"My favorite new connection I've made on Tsu...I joined Tsu the first week it went online and the first day I met FateTelling. She gives Tarot readings and I was intrigued since I had never had one and had all the old religious garbage still in my head about such. I contacted FateTelling and had my first reading and it was AWESOME!!! No 'fortune telling'...but a ton of inspiration and positive energy. You may be pleasantly surprised!!!" ~Hal W., Georgia, USA



"I finally got a reading from our dear friend on #tsu, @FateTelling, and was so uplifted and empowered by not only the reading, but her lovely energy. We met up on online. She asked me to think of my question and not tell her as she shuffled her cards and got in the zone. As soon as the reading began she started to really hit home on the issues and she didn't hold back. I really got the feeling that FateTelling works from her intuition as many of the ideas she seemed to pull from thin air really resonated! I felt so relaxed and full of joy when we got to the end. Maybe it was from seeing her radiant smile for an hour! But most likely it was because I felt Seen, Heard and Understood. I felt the Magik. Thank you so much FateTelling, you made my day!" ~Lyndsay W., Nova Scotia, Canada


"I was very pleased to be able to speak one on one with you. You were polite and in tune with how I felt the whole time. You helped give me guidance that was needed. All the love in the universe from me to you. 5/5 I would recommend you any day." ~Cory L., Michigan, USA


"Everything you have called out has happened exactly to your descriptions. Placed our official offer, waiting to hear back so we then can move forward to signing contracts...I know this will happen. Thank you for your love, light and flawless support!!" ~Ashlie B., New York, USA


"Your wisdom alone is empowering; the best things are unseen...you have no idea how your insight changed my set of mind." ~Christina W., New York, USA


“I first discovered reiki while undergoing chemotherapy. I had never tried reiki before but believe in keeping an open mind and I’m so glad I did. Did it help in my physical healing? Maybe – when undergoing so many different treatments, it’s hard to say. Did it help in my emotional healing? Absolutely, yes. The sessions always left me feeling relaxed and at peace – and that’s not an easy state to get into when you’re dealing with the stresses of cancer and it’s treatments. I found the FateTelling consultant to be a warm and gifted reiki practitioner. The sessions were always a pleasure and the practitioner consistently was able to identify and relieve areas of physical stress. I would recommend reiki through a FateTelling consult to anyone going through a rough time or just in need of a little peace.” ~Flora J., New York, USA



“Your work is truly a gift! I am grateful for your honesty, accuracy and time. Your insights are to the point and gave me a sense of peace that I have not felt in a long time, and I know I am on my way to complete healing. If you are looking for clarification in your life then I recommend you book yourself a session with FateTelling! Thank you once again just for being you. God Bless You xx.”


Several months later:

"Thank you so much for giving my sister a psychic reading on skype. It was so accurate that I am amazed at some of the information which was given to her yesterday actually transpired today. I would also like to thank you for the wonderful healing which I did not think was possible at long distance on skype. I feel blessed. :) Thank you" ~Gita J., London, UK



“I injured my knee doing yard work and it was swollen and throbbed constantly. I had several reiki consultations with FateTelling. From the very first session, I felt the energy moving inside my knee and immediate relief. I followed the consultant’s advice but the ache returned. My husband was worried that I would need surgery because he saw the same symptoms he had before his surgery. I had several more sessions with FateTelling and I have to say the knee improved 100%. I am happy that I took the holistic approach before taking the x-ray and MRI approach. The body can heal itself, in many cases. My FateTelling consultant was a physical healer and spiritual healer because I always felt better after each session. I would highly recommend FateTelling’s services.” ~Ann E., New York, USA



“Thank you again. What is your web site? I would like to leave a positive for you. Maybe in a few more months, I would like your services again. You made me feel so much better and see things clearer.” ~Nancy S., New York, USA




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