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Try this

This mental/breathing exercise can be used to relieve stress, anger, anxiety and creates mindfulness, pulling one into the current moment effectively.

Grounding exercise (my version):
Sit, back straight but comfortable, feet flat on the floor (only initially as, with practice, you can ground out in seconds anywhere).

Visualize opening a cylinder at the arches of your feet and expand to encompass the circumference of your body. See that cylinder come up to your ankles.

Inhale golden light filled with love and on exhale, see all neg­ative energy from your ankles down leave through that cylinder and visualize it fertilizing the earth.

Inhale and bring the cylinder up to your knees, exhale all negative from your knees down through your feet and out to the earth.

Inhale and bring the cylinder up to your hips, exhale all negative from that area on down.

Inhale and bring the cylinder up to below your belly button, exhale/release.

Inhale and bring the cylinder up to your diaphragm; exhale/release.

Inhale and bring the cylinder up to your heart, exhale.

Inhale and bring it up to the throat, exhale.

Inhale and bring up to the third eye, exhale.

Inhale and see the crown of your head opening, letting in golden light of love, exhale and wash your energy body with the love and light, letting it flow all negative away from you. Each area should feel ‘lighter’ or ‘cleaner’ or relaxed once it is done. Stay at each chakra point breathing and visualizing until that area feels relaxed.

Practicing daily will make this second nature where on the first inhale, you are in your cylinder and on the exhale, releasing any negativity.