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FateTelling offers custom, hand-crafted favors, decor and other items for your special events.



Braided Handfasting Cord

Double faced satin ribbon, braided singly (single strand of ribbon) or doubled (two colors; shown doubled) in your choice of colors. Triquetra (3), tree of life charms (3) included. Price is for single braiding.

♦ Handfasting cord ♦
Handfasting cord
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Handfasting Cord Pouch

Hand woven, double faced satin ribbon pouch in your choice of colors (up to 2). Door charm included.

♦ Handfasting cord pouch ♦
Handfasting cord pouch
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Pentagram Decor

Hand wrapped in double faced satin ribbon 5" brass ring, solid and organza ribbon, in your choice of colors.

♦ Pentagram decor ♦
Pentagram decor
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Fairy Wands

Ribbon wrapped 6" dowels (2), double faced satin and organza ribbon streamers (5) in your choice of colors. Price is per each.

♦ Fairy wands ♦
Fairy wands
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Ribbon Flowers

Double faced satin flowers, 2" to 3" diameter in your choice of colors. Price is per each.

♦ Ribbon flowers ♦
Ribbon flowers
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Custom boutonnieres for your special occasion. Item shown is example and not actual item. Price dependent on custom design. Please contact for pricing using Contact link above.