Power of self-worth

I think so many women don't realize the power we have in making the world a better place. We have been taught and trained to base our self-worth on 'getting' a man so we focus on pleasing men rather than challenging them. We put up with less than their best because we think it's the best we can do and we're just lucky to 'have' a man. I'm realizing I'd rather focus on my own growth work and supporting others in theirs than try to "save" any man or waste my precious time and energy on one that isn't choosing to wake up. There is no point spending much time with a man (let alone opening my heart and body to one) that isn't standing in his integrity and aligning with his highest purpose or at least doing the work to get there.


Robyn Furse

Master Rapid Eye Technician/Group Facilitator/Personal Coach

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    Francisca Carr (Thursday, 04 February 2016 16:56)

    That kind of aligns with my belief that I will never love a man more than I will love myself. Will soon be celebrating 25 years of marriage and through the years my respect for him has always been equal to and sometimes greater than my love for him.