Mental Chatter

To assist shutting down mental chatter and facilitate meditation, try one of these processes:
1. Close your eyes halfway and cross them. View and become aware of everything within your vision. Do not focus on any one object. The process of seeing everything and not focusing on any one thing overloads conscious thinking and allows for the chatter to stop.
2. Close your eyes and listen to all the noises surrounding you. The refrigerator hum, the 'whoosh' of silence, birds chirping; any and all sounds around you. Do not focus on any one sound. As noted above, the action of hearing all sounds but not focusing on any one, overloads conscious thinking and facilitates the shut down of mental chatter.
With either of these processes, also be aware of breathing and keeping it comfortably deep and regulated. With practice, the internal chatter will stop and complete meditation can be achieved.

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