To allow or not to allow

Giving in to emotions that pull us one way or another can be enlightening. Observing the why we allow ourselves to be pulled is even more so. Is it productive to verbally blast at someone in anger? I can't believe that to be so. I am called weak for not trouncing someone in some situations, yet, I do not feel true victory when I do. Is that due to indoctrination of 'be nice'? Maybe in some opinions. I think it is not. It is experience that allows me to see that it does not achieve understanding nor internal peace when allowing myself to be pulled by anger (frustration and hate are shades of the same). It is experience that nothing is solved or resolved except that my ego is abated with, 'I got mine in.' How simple minded is that? How much power do we give others? We do so when we allow our peace to be disturbed. To understand that we are slight of time and, therefor, have little of it to spend on base emotions is basic wisdom.

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