In a recent conversation with a client regarding the desire to have a partner, she was of the opinion that the human animal is meant to be with someone, hence, the desire for others in our lives, the need for procreation and the need to nurture. I responded that this need to be with someone or to procreate is more than likely centuries of indoctrination. I noted that humans are pack animals and do desire companionship but it may not be just one person for life. I further noted that nurturing is something we seem to have as a natural emotion but does not need procreation to be expressed nor is it limited to females. In further conversation, I noted that soul mates can be lovers and can also come in the form of friends or family. I added that the number of soul mates is not limited to one in a lifetime. After the conversation, it struck me that most of us live our lives as if this form and our thoughts are the ultimate paradigm. It also struck me that those who live as if this form is a temporary experience (much like going to the movies or an amusement park) are the minority. We speak about and live aligned to belief systems that acknowledge we are more than this physical experience. Yet, in the area of applying belief to what we are, we do not do so. We seem to not believe that we are souls first, foremost, before any molecule. We are next, human; living and breathing organisms. Further on the list of labels is gender with all the indoctrination, particular to each culture, that goes along with that. It started me to wonder how this experience would unfold if we all lived as if this was just the experience and not the paradigm. It is a wonder to ponder.

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