across most religious and spiritual belief systems is one thing: gratitude. Although there may be other threads of commonality, gratitude is preached and taught throughout most forms of philosophy (some leeway, please, in grouping all beliefs of 'being' under one heading).


Much is made of the ability to manifest material wealth, health and contentment through the Law of Attraction. Much is also made of the opposite side of the coin: how does the negative experience, illness or stroke of 'bad' luck happen? Many seem to miss the main message of most spiritual belief: learning to be in the moment and to be grateful for it.

Many years ago, 1984, there was a little book published by the Planetary Commission ( with a simple approach of using affirmations to change one's life. It seems that could have been the mainstream 'birth' of affirmations as part of the spiritual growth process. The law of attraction essentially speaks to the same thing. Not surprisingly, if history is searched, there are many parables in Greek mythology, the Bible, etc., speaking to the same thing: we are God's/Gods'/Goddesses' children and, as such, we honor and are grateful for our existence for the gift that it is.

The basis of the law of attraction, you are what you think, has long been touted by Buddhists, Taoists, etc., as the path to challenging indoctrinated beliefs. Challenging and changing thought processes to become more at-one-ment with the rest of existence. It is essentially the law of karma; a thought for a thought (keep the eyes). :-)

We can vilify the current bandwagon of the law of attraction but it is not a new idea and it is not without merit. Consider that if one is grateful for the moment, one has created a current moment of gratitude and, inevitably, a current moment of contentment. Consider that if one continues to do so, one creates a past that is a pleasure to remember. Consider that a content person naturally attracts people to them and, if one is looking for them, opportunities through those people.


Gratitude for everything in one's life at any moment combined with feeling oneself in abundance, creates an attraction. Whether it is simply through one's gratefully shining personality attracting others with opportunities or through the more esoteric belief that thought process creates our future reality. In either case, one is safe with feeling the gratitude in the moments of each day and knowing that it is a way to create a reality that is perfectly and justly fine.

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