For a house cleansing you will need

Sage or White Cedar (cinnamon or incense can be used in a pinch)
White candles (votives work fine)
Salt (sea salt, if found)
Agua de Florida, Rubbing Alcohol or bless your own water for holy water


  • Always bless yourself prior to starting and invoke Universe/God's/angels' (whatever is your belief system) highest light and love to surround and protect you. Energy can affect you and attach itself to you. Make sure you give yourself a solid blessing before starting; smudge yourself if you feel it's needed.
  • Visualize a golden cylinder starting from the earth up to the roof line of the house. See the white light of purity flowing from the Universe/God/angels, through the top, all the way through to the ground. Expand the cylinder outward to include the parameters of the entire property. See that flowing light in your mind's eye for a minute. This is a house grounding and sets the tone for the cleansing; it can also be used at any time the property or its inhabitants feel vulnerable.
  • Light the sage or white cedar and walk the entire perimeter of the house with special attention at each window, saying a blessing: "This home and property are blessed in God's love, God's light, God's protection," or something similar. Use a blessing or prayer that is comfortable but make sure you 'feel' it emotionally. It is important that your mind doesn't wander trying to remember a prayer or a grocery list in the process of cleansing; don't let anything distract you.
  • Bless the front door (if desired, also make a cross at the top of the doorjamb), prior to walking in. If there is a basement door, bless the exterior of the front door then proceed to the basement door, bless and enter through the basement.
  • Once inside, close all windows and doors throughout the entire house.
  • Starting to the left of the front door or the basement door, make sure every corner and window of the entry, living room or basement is blessed. Light a candle before or after smudging the room while saying the blessing and leave burning (safely) in the room. Make sure each doorway off the entry, living room or basement is blessed.
  • Go to each room, upon entering start at the left and make sure beds, corners and windows are blessed. Light a candle and leave burning in the room.
  • Once the entire house is done, take the sea salt and Agua de Florida, alcohol or blessed water to each room. Starting at the previous starting point (basement exterior or front door), sprinkle salt at windows and in corners while invoking the prayer. Pour a palm full of Agua de Florida, alcohol, stand in the center of the room and sprinkle through fingers to the four directional corners (north, east, south, west) of the room while invoking the blessing. Follow the same path of rooms as the initial smudging, using the Agua de Florida, alcohol or blessed water and prayer.
  • Once done, go to the furthest point in the house (back or top room) and open all windows while ordering, "All negative energy and entities must leave and go to the light" alternatively with your blessing. Go through and open all windows in the house, using the same path of rooms as the initial blessing but reversing the direction (last room first and so on). 

After leaving the last door open for several minutes, start at the furthest point again (back or top room), close windows that are not needed while invoking the original blessing and adding, "Nothing negative shall cross this boundary." It is best to leave the candles till they burn out. If that isn't possible, let them burn as long as possible. These are blessed candles and can be used again for whatever purpose.

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