Work to do

The Ace of Wands...wait, before I go further, was just reading an interpretation of the card. Googled it, of course, because, as a young'un recently told me, Google knows everything. The interpretation doesn't quite fit mine. As it should be, I suppose. We filter meanings through our experiences no matter how detached we become in the actual reading process. Some of us put a lot of stock in the symbolism, some of us don't. Bottom line for me, a good reader will meld with your esoteric sense and choose the words that impart, to the fullest, the meaning of the layout. Along with being detached, they will have little or no information about your question and little or no investment in whether they are right. You want clear, ego-less, involvement from your reader when your cards are read. Oi vey, I do go on. So the Ace of Wands; the suit of industry, career and a beginning.

It is a beginning of a new career or change to an old one. It is an industrious card representing a very clear opportunity. It is also a symbol of the mental and/or physical work by the querent; exciting because it really is an opportunity that was desired and manifested. Visualize and it will be; no, wait, if you build it they will come; hold on, hold up, you are what you think. :-)


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