Yesterday, I tripped on time and, at this minute, I trip on moments. Most of us have a tendency to think in future or past and not in moment. Many times, we are in moment, relating a past memory or future plan or desire to the current moment. Do we take moments within those moments of living to truly take in that moment? The smell, the light, the faces, the textures...The more time we spend in true moment, the more vibrant each becomes; as if we've never experienced those same things before. No small mental feat. Moments of emotion bring us very much into the moment. The Ace of Cups, the threshold of love.

It is the beginning of love or the renewal of love towards a new or established relationship, a passion or a pursuit. It's a harbinger of good karma and, at the same time, an opportunity to practice compassion and love. It is a reminder that each moment is or can be a beginning. Happy beginnings!

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