We spend so much time worrying about time. This hour scheduled daily, appointment at that hour on that day, hurrying to meet those hours and days. I have not had a clear idea this week what day it was--Tues was Wed and Fri was Thu--couldn't get a handle on which day I was living. (What drugs you ask? Actually, what work schedule--4 a.m. start time but I'm digressing.) The discombobulation of the days kind of made the hour trivial in comparison and shifted my view to the experiences that filled them rather than to hour watching (made for some interesting days at work too). 

So it is chilly and densely overcast; and a Sunday. This I know as my windows and Windows tell me so. It has been the prized laze-around Sunday and the overcast lends a cozy feel (an unspoken permission) to guiltless do nothing. Including not worrying about time. :-) No card featured--just some stream of consciousness...




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