Spring, parte deux

Not really part 2, it's more like spring part 30 as these 'weather throw back' days have been scattered throughout nice weather since spring 'ended'. It is summer. It is not recognizable as such. Maybe it's the volcanoes, earthquakes and nuke plants, oh my! Whatever it is, it is and I didn't dress for it so had a chilly pattooty the whole day....that might be a little too much information. :-) Ace of Swords is sort of a tempestuous card. Let me Google and grab a pic so you can see what I mean. Hold on a sec...

It signifies the beginning (and ending) of a stage. Aces are beginnings and swords represent the challenges we encounter in life. Some may term them struggles but challenges is more apt. The Ace of Swords can signify scaling a new hurdle and, depending on the surrounding cards, can be a wanted or unwanted challenge. For most, it seems to come up as an unwanted struggle. There is strength in this card and the challenge of disruption of material, emotional or mental well being. It is a portent but also an opportunity to grow. Kind of like our weather: it is sunny hot then, every week or two, a cold blast to ensure complacency doesn't set in. How we dress for it is a measure of how well we are doing with our awareness.................wait....ah well. ;-)

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