Most don't pay attention to their dreams. We dream and we attribute the contents to a rehashing of the day, the burrito we had for dinner, the level of stress in our lives. They are much more, in my experience. Key words here: in my experience. The disclaimer: not an expert in dreams, (psycho) analysis, etc. We can lucid dream, precognitive dream, psyche dream (made this term up :-), to name a few. Lucid dreaming, being conscious but not thinking/reacting from conscious mind (at least not the way we do when we are 'awake'). Precognitive dreaming, simply put, knowing before it is true; many deja vu experiences come under precognitive. Psyche dream, the acrobatics of figuring ourselves out and who we want to be. That's a lot of function from one function. It's good to pay attention to your dreams and work with them. Attempt lucid dreaming, journal your dreams, become aware of working out the mental works. Deciphering dreams can be better entertainment than the NYT crossword puzzle and are usually a much clearer window into the soul than your baby blues or honey browns.


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