Not clear with what fate is telling you?

Look­ing for a dis­pas­sion­ate perspective?

Do you won­der if one path is more ben­e­fi­cial than another?

Do you won­der when will the ques­tions stop?

Whether you are curi­ous, want a dif­fer­ent take on a sit­u­a­tion or just like the idea of get­ting a glimpse of insight, a FateTelling tarot con­sul­ta­tion can be enlightening.

The Fool, to many, is a card of folly. Yet, another per­spec­tive is that it is a card of faith. Inher­ent in this card is an accep­tance of the moment and going forth in the face of obsta­cles. These are acts of faith in self, a higher force, a uni­ver­sal con­scious­ness. Naïve as it may appear, naïve as it may feel, it is actu­ally a divine approach to liv­ing. Truly a card to incor­po­rate into daily consciousness.


Need an energy adjust­ment? Reiki ses­sions are now avail­able to the Hud­son Val­ley area given on site, in the com­fort of your per­sonal space. Cre­ate a relax­ing lunch break or after­noon at home with a reiki con­sul­ta­tion.

FateTelling also offers energy cleans­ings of your home. Whether mov­ing in or time for a much needed envi­ron­ment shift, house cleans­ings are essen­tial to mak­ing your home yours. Our con­sul­tants are avail­able to the Sul­li­van, Ulster, Orange and Dutchess County areas.

Want to give an expe­ri­ence and not just a party? Tarot con­sults make your par­ties water cooler klatsch worthy.

Visit our Logis­tics page to reserve your appoint­ment for any of these local ser­vices.

“I first dis­cov­ered reiki while under­go­ing chemother­apy. I had never tried reiki before but believe in keep­ing an open mind and I’m so glad I did. Did it help in my phys­i­cal heal­ing? Maybe – when under­go­ing so many dif­fer­ent treat­ments, it’s hard to say. Did it help in my emo­tional heal­ing? Absolutely, yes. The ses­sions always left me feel­ing relaxed and at peace – and that’s not an easy state to get into when you’re deal­ing with the stresses of can­cer and it’s treat­ments. I found the FateTelling con­sul­tant to be a warm and gifted reiki prac­ti­tioner. The ses­sions were always a plea­sure and the prac­ti­tioner con­sis­tently was able to iden­tify and relieve areas of phys­i­cal stress. I would rec­om­mend reiki through a FateTelling con­sult to any­one going through a rough time or just in need of a lit­tle peace.” ~Flora J., USA

“Your work is truly a gift! I am grate­ful for your hon­esty, accu­racy and time. Your insights are to the point and gave me a sense of peace that I have not felt in a long time, and I know I am on my way to com­plete heal­ing. I never expected some­one to be so invit­ing and delight­ful on Skype!! If you are look­ing for clar­i­fi­ca­tion in your life then I rec­om­mend you book your­self a ses­sion with FateTelling! Thank you once again just for being you. God Bless You xx.” ~Gita J., UK

“I injured my knee doing yard work and it was swollen and throbbed con­stantly. I had sev­eral reiki con­sul­ta­tions with FateTelling. From the very first ses­sion, I felt the energy mov­ing inside my knee and imme­di­ate relief. I fol­lowed the consultant’s advice but the ache returned. My hus­band was wor­ried that I would need surgery because he saw the same symp­toms he had before his surgery. I had sev­eral more ses­sions with FateTelling and I have to say the knee improved 100%. I am happy that I took the holis­tic approach before tak­ing the x-​ray and MRI approach. The body can heal itself in many cases. My FateTelling con­sul­tant was a phys­i­cal healer and spir­i­tual healer because I always felt bet­ter after each ses­sion. I would highly rec­om­mend FateTelling’s ser­vices.” ~Ann E., USA

“Thank you again. What is your web site? I would like to leave a pos­i­tive for you. Maybe in a few more months, I would like your ser­vices again. You made me feel so much bet­ter and see things clearer.” ~Nancy S., USA